Basta will meet with Declam in court

Баста встретится с Децлом в суде If the former coach of “the Voice” loses, he will have to pay a million rubles. Busta explained why he published an insult to the colleague who had previously been with him on friendly terms.

      Scandal between two famous rappers goes into the legal realm. Basta expressed his willingness to sue Declan who wants to for moral damage one million rubles. Former coach of “the Voice” believes that it is a linguistic examination. Recall that the subject of the conflict was the publication of Busta in his “Twitter” unflattering words about Decla.

      Vasily Vakulenko called Cyril Tolmatskogo “hairy dick”. The rapper, known for the hits “Party” and “the Letter”, decided not to remain silent in response. However, instead of the mutual insults, he announced baste the intention to sue. Decl filed for a fellow hip-hop of the statement of claim and demanded to compensate moral damage in the amount of one million rubles.

      Cyril felt that such statements harm the business reputation. Meanwhile, Vasily explained why he has allowed to address colleagues offensive words.

      “Cyril was a regular visitor to our club Gazgolder, came with his wife and small child. Everything was fine until, until he made the remark when he was, say, in a state of altered consciousness. He was asked to behave a little more cultured, as the club is home to all of us. This has happened several times, and then it wagged its tail and promised that he will pour dirt, – said Basta. – I responded, I think appropriately, called shaggy dick of a man who faked friendship and sympathy.”

      Recall, He said that saying Basta is causing him moral damage. “Common defendant information, defame my honor and dignity, as the number of subscribers to Twitter account of the defendant is 262 thousand. As I Vakulenko Vasily Mikhailovich is a public person”, – said in the lawsuit Tolmatsky.

      It seems that Basta does not take seriously the intentions of colleagues. He considers the actions of Tolmatskogo, as entertainment. While Vakulenko not recanting and does not intend to bring the rapper apologize.

      “I had passed the fate to listen to decl, thank God. For me it has always been a man-meme, the man paid father to son became known. All that is happening now, is more of a game and a pastime,” concluded Basta in an interview