Gray mouse: Kristina Asmus wore clothes older sisters

Серая мышка: Кристина Асмус донашивала одежду старших сестер April 14 star of the TV series “Interns” birthday. Kristina Asmus is 30 years old. On the eve of important dates teachers and school friends of the wife of resident Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov opened the “StarHit” secrets from her past.
Серая мышка: Кристина Асмус донашивала одежду старших сестер

The actress, who became popular through the role of a rookie doctor, Varya Chernous in the TV series “Interns”, April 14, marks 30. The last two years Christina shines only on the stage, have dreamed of since childhood: adored soap Opera “Wild angel” and otherwise imitated Natalia Oreiro. So I decided after graduation to follow in the footsteps of the Uruguayan celebrities.

The successes of a former student with interest the teachers of comprehensive schools of the town of Korolev, where Asmus studied from 8th to 11th grades. However, they were unaware that the girl would achieve such heights.


“Honestly, I didn’t expect to see Christina on the cover of magazines, – says Galina Zolotukhina Germanovna, the teacher of mathematics. – Well before the school was unremarkable, one might even say gray mouse. Studied very feeble. Especially it was given to technical subjects. In high school, constantly skipped classes, because I studied theatre, all of herself she gave. And not in vain: still went to school, and have played in the play “the dawns here are quiet…” theater “MEL”.
Серая мышка: Кристина Асмус донашивала одежду старших сестер

Of course, I and other teachers do not really like this attitude, considered this behaviour disrespectful. But, on the other hand, tried to go forward, to understand that theatre for Christine – the most important thing. Even before she was polite, it was impossible for a long time for her to be angry. Running: “Galina Germanovna, I’m sorry, please, again, absent – rehearsed performance”. And smiles so sweet-cute – how to criticize? Put three, his eyes closed, not to spoil the certificate. With very mediocre grades and graduated from high school. But to become a good actress that did not stop the scene because mathematics is not needed.”

The teacher notes that due to the light nature and sociability from Asmus always had a lot of friends. “Their class is constantly clustered together, the guys went there all sincere, cheerful – continues Zolotukhin. – Christine was never seen in any conflicts, clashes. Was a quiet, docile. The boys were not interested, never met her at school, strolling the handle with some cavalier. And guys are not particularly eager to chat, wrote notes and took care of the other girls, more vivid, student, activists. For Christine it was immediately clear – it has different interests.”

Серая мышка: Кристина Асмус донашивала одежду старших сестер


Perhaps the reason for the lack of attention from the opposite sex was and what Asmus has not paid much attention to appearance. “The family she is simple, Christina is one of four children, her two older and one younger sister – said Yevgeny Savin, a school friend of the actress. – The parents had the opportunity to dress up daughters, like many in the late 90’s- early 2000’s. In middle school, Christina wore clothes for the older sisters. When he began work in the theatre, to the fees that buying a skirt, a blouse”.

But not only the rehearsal made future celebrity get me out of class: Christina spent a lot of time training in gymnastics at school “Dynamo”, where parents gave her in 8 years. The initiator of this was the father, the Asmus has not experienced the delight of lessons. “Of course, she wanted with us a little longer to walk in the yard, – says Anna Kryukova, a neighbor of the house. But my dad is very strict, not allowed to skip the sport. Even Christina complained that you have to limit yourself to food: the coach had strict requirements, were forbidden to eat everyone. So a friend had, licking his lips, watching as we screwed pastries. But the game was worth the candle – it is now pretty! Thin, neat – looks like the habit of eating sugar still in it.”

Серая мышка: Кристина Асмус донашивала одежду старших сестер