Daughter of Andrei Panin renounced his father

Дочь Андрея Панина отреклась от отца The girl went to America and changed his name. The daughter of actor Andrei Panin, who died in 2013, Hope is trying to erase the father from memory. Native artist, his mother and sister, did not see the granddaughter and niece for years.
Дочь Андрея Панина отреклась от отца

The actor Andrey Panin, charming and sad clown, who played in more than 80 films, has died under strange circumstances in March 2013, he was 51 years old. Panin is one of the most sought after actors of his generation, but the glory and the best role to which you have come in only 40 years.

Panin three times the father in a second marriage with the actress, his student Natalia Panina Rogozhkino have had two sons – the eldest is now 17. And the first time Andrew married long before he became a successful actor in 20 years. Then he studied in his native Kemerovo and made the first unsuccessful attempt to enter the Moscow theatre Institute.

The choice of the actor became a student of the economic faculty of the local University, the daughter of the party chief – Tatyana Frantsuzova. In the documentary of the First channel “Andrey Panin. Mysterious circumstances” Panina family – his mother and sister – I remember the former daughter-in-law without much emotion. Saying that Gwen and Andrew to take in no hurry, he was too simple a guy.

Дочь Андрея Панина отреклась от отца“They wanted her to chose this – with the money from the machine. But this is nothing we were not, we even have our own apartment was not always”, – said the mother of the actor Anna Panina.
Дочь Андрея Панина отреклась от отца
Дочь Андрея Панина отреклась от отца

On the fourth attempt, when Andrei Panin was already 24 years old, he still conquered the admissions office and got on a course of Alexander Kalyagin in the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, he studied with Julia Menshovoj and Alexander Lazarev-younger.

Lived, or rather huddled adult student Panin in a communal apartment, in a basement back room with low Windows. Wife Tatyana, who adored him, was next. She moved at once, and it did not bother no small room, no lack of work nor the constant lack of money. Andrew disappeared all the time at school, was easily fascinated by beautiful women, even the family recognize that the actor cheated on his first wife, but Tatiana still idolized husband, forgive him a lot. They later divorced – fictitious, to obtain housing. Daughter Hope came when Panin served in the Moscow art, but it sat virtually no work on the bench. Tatiana went to give birth in Kemerovo. Then, as I remember native, Andrew first started seriously drinking. A young father came to the birth of the firstborn, does not appear Panin and later. His daughter was raised by grandparents – the parents of his wife.

Дочь Андрея Панина отреклась от отца“Then (when Panin did not attend the birth) and they went to relationship discord. Was raised there, my grandparents. The last time I saw her was very small,” says sister Nina Panina.
Дочь Андрея Панина отреклась от отца

Grandma Anna keeps in his suburban house photo granddaughter at the age of 5 years. As the creators of the documentary, Nadia along with her mother moved to live with US, took the name of mother, though very much like his father. Friends of Andrei Panin say it until the last day was very sorry that the daughter grew up without him. While they were talking, and was very proud of her progress.

Five years ago, on 7 March 2013, Andrei Panin found dead in his apartment. One. Numerous wounds on the head of the actor became an occasion to excitation of criminal case. In early 2015, Russia’s Investigative Committee closed the criminal case on the fact of death “for lack of corpus delicti”. The verdict of the police: actor in a strong alcoholic intoxication he fell and was injured. In honor of Andrei Panin will open a Museum, his name will be called the Department of theatre arts and even establish the award “Red clown”.