The star of the film “guest from the future” showed the terrible living conditions

Звезда фильма «Гостья из будущего» показала, в каких страшных условиях живет The actress became the main heroine of the program “a Perfect repair”. Elena Metelkina for many years lived a recluse, so the fans don’t know what the star. As it turned out, the artist for 50 years could not decide to change the interior design.
Звезда фильма «Гостья из будущего» показала, в каких страшных условиях живет

Actress Elena Metelkina became famous in the early 80-ies, when he played several notable roles in the movie “guest from the future” and “Through thorns to the stars”. However, the woman always specifically relate to his glory. She tried not to attract too much attention, and in the ‘ 90s have all but disappeared from cinema. After that, the favorite of the audience only a few times appeared on the big screens.

Despite the reclusive, Metelkina decided to contact the experts of the program “a Perfect repair”. As it turned out, the apartment stars 50 years has not occurred any interior transformation.

“I would all the other did. But this is the procrastination and make plans that can never come true. Pray and hope. Became overgrown stuff somehow. At first, I did the order, lived with mother, cared for her. Then, when mother was buried, there was a pause, silence, and I decided that everything will change and everything will break up. Thought, decided, and… everything. Over time, a lot turned into junk. I am ashamed in front of family that I have launched a housing. But I got in this mess has its own system and its own order,” – said Elena.
Звезда фильма «Гостья из будущего» показала, в каких страшных условиях живет

Natalia Barbier was shocked at how living star of the Soviet cinema. The actress’s son admitted that he had long dreamed to throw away all the trash from the apartment, but can’t do it, because all these things have importance to his mother.

Despite the complexity of the task, the designers of the program decided to take on the transformation of the apartment. They were inspired by the main shop of the Soviet Union – GUM. In the life of Metelkina he played a special role. The fact that in the 70’s, Elena was one of the best models who constantly worked in the famous Department store.

Designers have tried to consider all wishes of the actress, and thus to make the interior refined and original. They decided to make room in the style of the early ‘ 70s, adding a solemn crystal chandeliers, French Drapes, which was considered particularly chic in the Soviet times, and many other “ceremonial” parts.

Communicating with Natalia Barbier, Elena Metelkina and remembered about a personal tragedy. The fact that many years ago the star was married to the man she loved, who was a marriage gigolo.

“Once on the beach, where I rested together with colleagues, I was approached by a young man to meet. After a while I got from Sergey’s offer and married him. I soon became pregnant. The child was not welcome for her husband. And soon found out that her husband has another family. In the divorce he claimed the cottage, car, apartment… All of it belonged to my family. And only the Supreme court recognized the illegality of this Union”, – told the artist.
Звезда фильма «Гостья из будущего» показала, в каких страшных условиях живет

Now Metelkina tries not to think about the problems in his personal life. The main joy for it was the son of Alexander, who tries to help her mother.

And Elena and her child were delighted with the results of work of designers. The actress thanked experts because they drastically changed her house and took all her wishes.