Grandma and grandpa Nikita Presnyakov require great-grandchildren

Бабушка и дедушка Никиты Преснякова требуют правнуков Vladimir and Elena believe that the young man should have kids. Grandson of famous musicians recently turned 25 years old, so his relatives took the view that the guy should start a family.

      Бабушка и дедушка Никиты Преснякова требуют правнуков

      In the program “Alone with all” Vladimir and Elena Presnyakova told about his family and recalled how 50 years ago were United together in marriage. According to the artists, it was the initiative of the soloist of “Samotsvety”. Elena admits that he has always been a very strong woman, so she managed to drag Vladimir to the Registrar, although he was not in a rush.

      The couple are happy with each other and maintain a good relationship with his son Vladimir and grandson Nikita. Exactly Elena is involved in the education of the boy when he was very young. Parents Nikita Vladimir Presnyakov and Kristina Orbakaite are unable to live long in the marriage.

      “He has arrived. Look, he’s shaking shoulders. Understand that the guy is crying. My first phrase was: “what about Nikita?”. He said nothing, so gave up. Then moved,” recalled Elena.

      Бабушка и дедушка Никиты Преснякова требуют правнуков

      When Nikita was a little concern about him went to the grandmother. “She’s – her men. Son, husband, grandson,” said Vladimir Presnyakov-senior. According to the artists, Nikita was always called grandmother by name only. In childhood, the boy loved spending time with Lena.

      “We try to get together to chat, but I still by itself. Grandparents have more in common in terms of music, with Lena we have a sense of humor. And the grandfather is very thin, and my grandmother – open. She is such a battery,” said Nikita, about relatives.

      Vladimir Presnyakov believes the birth of a second grandchild the gift of Artemis. “Begged the child. He’s so cool, so funny. If was red, would look just like Nikita,” said the wife of the leader of the band “Gems”.

      By the way, first grandson of musicians for 25 years, so they expect very soon a young man gives them news about replenishment in the family. Grandma and grandpa Nikita even familiar with KGO sweetheart Alena Krasnova.

      “He’s still late on our way. Vova, he appeared in 22 or 23 years. But Nikita is already 25. Long overdue,” said Presnyakov-senior.

      Elena Presnyakov supported her husband. “We are not against great-grandchildren. Nikiton gives us hope for life,” said Elena. According to the artist, she wants to hold great-grandchildren. According to the couple, the communication with the younger generations do not allow them to grow old.