62-year-old Lyubov Uspenskaya showed miracles of stretch marks

62-летняя Любовь Успенская продемонстрировала чудеса растяжки The actress showed how relaxing. The singer posted a microblog on the frame where she’s doing gymnastics. In the photo a woman demonstrates a great flexibility. It is likely that this workout help her stay thin.

      Famous singer Lyubov Uspenskaya never ceases to amaze fans. Fans have repeatedly noted that the woman looks beautiful: her skin is almost not touched by deep wrinkles, and his eyes glowing a playful Shine. The assumption supports a slim figure with yoga and sports. Also a star of the stage carefully watching their diet.

      In his Love showed how calm. A woman posted a picture in which she performs one of the asanas, yoga postures that promote improvement in overall health. “Relax before bed, helps a lot,” painted about the frame the singer.

      Fans of the actress admired her athletic training. “Well done!”, “I love you! Today I’ll try this die”, “The best posture for relaxation!”, “Healthy body, healthy mind”, “Good boy, your form can only envy,” wrote the followers of the assumption.

      By the way, in the summer period, the artist delighted the fans with snapshots of the beach. Despite what some detractors said that she overly uses photoshop, most were confident that toned body at age 62 is the result of hard work. “Luba – the bomb! Figurine – lovely!”, “What is it slender”, “Waist is awesome!”, “A figure like a statue,” the praise singer her fans.

      Love to yoga assumption instilled in her daughter Tatyana Plaksina, who teaches this practice abroad. At the moment, the heiress of the singer living in Europe, and in Russia periodically come to visit family and friends.

      To always maintain a blooming appearance, Love organized a beauty Studio at home. It was there that the singer likes to relax after the concerts or to arrange get-togethers with friends. “Professionals – estheticians, massage therapists and stylists – come to me several times a week. I love to make beauty meet up with my friends: singer Slava, Natasha Ionova, alikay Laughter and Irina Dubtsova. Girls come to my house and we relax a few hours!”, – admitted assumption.