Alexander Sheps & Marilyn Kerro reconciled after a breakup

Александр Шепс и Мэрилин Керро помирились после разрыва The lovers found the strength to forgive him. According to close friends of the couple, their relationship always passions. Environment Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps expected that soon they will be able to restore peace in the family.

      Александр Шепс и Мэрилин Керро помирились после разрыва

      In September of this year, their parting did not discuss only the lazy – after a few years of whirlwind romance, the star of “the battle of psychics,” the 29-year-old Alexander Sheps and 28-year-old Marilyn Kerro, suddenly ended the relationship. In a live broadcast project of the Estonian witch admitted that they have not talking, in addition, the Sheps gathered her things and left without explanation.

      Do fans pair in vain waited for their wedding? Indeed, in 2014, Alexander even made Marilyn’s suggestion, gave an engagement ring… But then the girl did not want to be bound by family ties. “Marriage is like a game, performances. To go to the registry office – just to put a stamp in the passport, it’s like to shout to the world: “See how we love each other!” – explained his decision Kerro. Never dreamed about a big celebration, white dress, ogromnoe cake and other attributes of the wedding.”

      Marilyn Kerro about breaking up with Isaac: “can’t stop loving someone”

      However, it seems that Alexander and Marilyn decided to give each other a second chance. “StarHit” found out that recently the lovers resumed their relationship.

      “We’re together, all is well. I love my little witch,” admitted Alexander. They still rent an apartment in Moscow and try to spend all their time together.

      Александр Шепс и Мэрилин Керро помирились после разрыва“Sasha and Mary are both very emotional people, – has shared with “StarHit” a close friend of Isaac Oleg, and a very strong personality, stubborn, sometimes refusing to listen to each other. The passion they have boiling incredible much chips fly sometimes. But the storm always been a lull. I believe that they are in this time will find the strength to forgive. Mary really cares about touching Sasha – preparing Breakfast, making coffee. When he needs to go, for example, in the hospital, always accompanies it. He supports her in all that concerns the participation in “Battle of the psychics.”

      However, last week the young people were divided Kerro went to Samara, was in the business of a shop selling magical attributes, which together with the Sheps opened this year. The medium at that time went to America on the Pacific coast, to a few weeks to gain strength and energy. In addition, he tries to combine business with pleasure, in the United States Alexander has already planned several receptions.