Внучка Елизаветы II впервые рассказала о двух выкидышах Elizabeth II granddaughter Zara Tindall decided to give a candid interview in which has told about relations with her husband and the problems in his personal life. As it turned out, a member of the Royal family, double-faced miscarriages, with the last such incident caused her depression and health problems.
Внучка Елизаветы II впервые рассказала о двух выкидышах

The Royal family used to keep their secrets under lock and key. Monarchs seldom share their revelations about his personal life, so tragic pages of their history often emerge only after decades. However, Zara Tindall, which is the successor of Princess Anne, the only daughter of Elizaveta II, decided to depart from established canons and openly gave interviews.

Successful woman, who devoted his life to equestrian sport, has seven years of happy marriage with a former player of the national Rugby team. The couple has two daughters, and until recently, fans of the Royal family did not realize what tragic secrets hide grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

So, Zara admitted that the first miscarriage she had back in 2016. The child died just before birth, and some time later, the situation repeated itself.

“According to the doctors, my baby died in my stomach. But he was already so big that I decided not to do the surgery. Instead, they are artificially induced labor.I didn’t want to discuss it, it was necessary that it took some time. It is, as they say, the best doctor” — shared experiences Zara.
Внучка Елизаветы II впервые рассказала о двух выкидышах

To survive the tragedy of Tyndall could only thanks to the support of her husband and dealing with her daughter MIA. And 18 June 2018 granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II again became a mother. She gave the baby to a spouse, which he called Lina Elizabeth.

“After the second tragedy, I realized that my family needs that needed it. Therefore, I decided to pay more attention to loved ones. And in the end, I’m happy”, — said the representative of the Royal family.

By the way, Zara has no Royal title and is лишь17-th in line to inherit the British throne. Perhaps this is why Tindall decided on revelation, which is not permissible relatives.

According to the 37-year-old granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, now in her relationship with her husband established a complete idyll. Spouse Mike Tindall which Zara introduced Prince Harry, surrounded by his beloved daughters care, trying to protect them from any unrest. Communicating with Sundays Time, a spokeswoman for the Royal family said that perhaps she and her husband will be resolved and for the third child, but while thinking about it yet.