Муж Ани Лорак не раз изменял певице In the Network appeared new information about the wife of the artist. According to some, before his marriage to Ani Lorak Murat Nukacola was an ordinary worker of the Turkish hotel. Allegedly, the star herself helped him start a business.
Муж Ани Лорак не раз изменял певице

On the eve of the Network appeared information that the husband of Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian cheating on her. The man was caught in the company of a young townswoman. According to journalists, the husband of the actress having fun with Yana Belyaeva in a nightclub Dali Park, which he owns. The girl is selling clothes via social networks. So far, neither Murat nor Ani did not comment on the information on his betrayal.

But there were other witnesses of the adventures Nalchajian. As reported by insiders, the husband of Ani Lorak never owned their own business. All that he now holds, came to him after the wedding with the singer. Supposedly in Turkey, he worked in a hotel for regular employees. Thanks Lorak, the man got four restaurants. Also, insiders say that he uses illegal drugs and is constantly resting in the company of girls with whom it is clearly not a friendly relationship.

Presumably, Yana Belyaeva Murat rents an apartment. They know long enough, but was not involved in a romantic relationship. Rumor has it that John came from the suburbs. By her husband, agreed she could do some plastic surgery.

Allegedly Ani in the course of the adventures of Murat, but tries to pretend that nothing is happening. The singer on the lot ready to go for the happiness of his daughter. However, they say that sometimes the husband Ani is not answering her calls and refuses to communicate with the child. Previously, the star claimed that despite her busy schedule, she is in constant contact with her husband on the phone.

“With Murat we are constantly in touch. In the morning, Good morning, night good night, during the day, 5-10 messages, calls. We’re not leaving each other even for a minute. And I think this is the secret of our family happiness. 12 years back, and still we have a sense of joy when we meet. Inner delight, what may not be said about the people who are constantly together. They rather want to enjoy each other. I believe that living with a public person is a special talent. Murat, no doubt, it has,” previously claimed Lorak.