«ДОМ-2» переедет на новое место Soon, instead of the set will appear highway. “DOM-2” will take to the territory, which is located nearby. City authorities do not intend to change the construction project, approved a few years ago for a TV show.
«ДОМ-2» переедет на новое место

Recently it became known that the area where the shooting of the reality show “DOM-2” is about to be demolished. In its place will be a new route, and where there were heated debates about the relationship, the so-called Calvary, will be located a bus stop. Head of the Department of development of new territories Vladimir Zhidkin hastened to reassure all fans of the long-running show and said that the land owners will be able to reinstall the site in different location, and therefore the audience will not remain without the favourite.

“The owner of the objects and the land compensate for the loss of land to the full, and there, on the other hand the rest of the site. With the owner the decision was agreed”, – explained in the Department.

«ДОМ-2» переедет на новое место

The reality show “DOM-2” began in 2004. Then the meaning of the program was the fact that single young people trying to find love and start a family, and along the way builds a mansion that was supposed to be the main prize for a couple is the winner. However, the project was delayed – there were other conditions, additional contests for the participants, and the ability to live a large family and raise children under a sight of television cameras. So, several people received the gift of a city apartment and became winners of the “man of the year”, and arranged marriage, winning the “Wedding million”. Also, the “House-2” there is a Playground in the Seychelles. Current participants do not need to hold the materials and only with interest to viewers to talk about their mental anxieties in finding true love. May Abrikosov explained, when you close the “Dom-2”

“In the beginning no one could have predicted that it will exist for so long. “DOM-2” has become an integral part of my life, influenced my life in some way. So the brightest moments of the project for me personally were the people I met at the “House-2″ and are still my friends! They’re my favorite girlfriend!” – said the permanent presenter Ksenia Borodina.

Now young men and women build their love for the territory of New Moscow. Very soon there will be a road Marino-Salar. According to “city news “Moscow”, the construction is focused on the period 2018-2021.