«Первое время не могла войти в его студию»: Жена Мурата Насырова до сих пор не смирилась с его смертью The wife of Murat Nasyrov grieved at his sudden demise. Natalia Boyko told what you are doing now her children are grown up, and how she coped with a family tragedy.
«Первое время не могла войти в его студию»: Жена Мурата Насырова до сих пор не смирилась с его смертью

In the world of show business Murat Nasyrov and Natalia Boyko was considered the perfect couple. They were madly in love, raised two children and were planning their wedding, which did not happen due to a sudden death on a cold January night 2007.

Despite the fact that since the tragedy it has been 11 years, Natalia still hard to remember about the civil husband. In a recent interview beloved Nasyrov noted that in the first months could not even visit the Studio, which previously worked, the singer.

“The first time after his death I even couldn’t enter to the Studio, which he has equipped in our apartment. Then, on the contrary, there was a desire to revive the Studio. Don’t want to redo it in an ordinary room, now there are his friends,” — said Natalia.
«Первое время не могла войти в его студию»: Жена Мурата Насырова до сих пор не смирилась с его смертью

The mysterious death of Murat Nasyrov is still shrouded in mystery. It is known that in the night from 19 to 20 January a popular artist fell from the window of his apartment on the fifth floor and broke. Then there were rumors about a serious dependence of the singer and the depression forced him to take suicide. However, Natalia Boyko was strongly disagree with this versions. The day before the death of Murad began to discuss with her long-awaited wedding and bragged that he had bought for the mother of his children chic white dress. Beloved Murad sure whether he is ready to suicide, such conversations would not arise.

According to longtime friend singer Arman Davletyarov, Nasyrov was known for his modesty and prudence. Even after his songs became real hits, Murat had no problems with star disease.

Free time, the artist preferred to spend writing new songs or in the company of friends and relatives. Especially loved Nasyrov playing with children, daughter Leah and son Mayor.

Now the heirs of the singer grew up long ago and decided to dedicate his life to music. So, 22-year-old Leah plays the guitar, and her 18-year-old brother has mastered the saxophone. The family tries at least once a year to visit the grave of Murat in Kazakhstan.

After the death of beloved Natalia Boyko has devoted herself to raising heirs. She’s still in love with Murat and hard going through separation from him.

“Murat, I dream seldom. Sometimes, I come to my dreams today! But it doesn’t come. But feel it in reality. In the plume of love, joy and kindness that has stayed with Murat, still lives in our family”, — said Natalia.

Now the family Nasyrov help his many friends. Communicating with Sobesednik.ru friends Murat admitted that so fine and sincere person is hard to find on stage. The singer is not very fond of their most famous hits, because he considered them too frivolous. However, lines from songs “the Boy wants to Tambov” and “Caught on the lips” I still remember the millions of fans of the artist.