Grandchildren are not thrilled about the new Paul Caitlin Jenner

Внуки не в восторге от нового пола Кейтлин Дженнер

I wonder what it’s like when my grandfather suddenly became a grandmother? Does this mean that the man who rocked you in my arms and played football suddenly hit in knitting and surround yourself cats and homemade cakes? Older grandchildren Caitlin Jenner, which a year ago was Bruce in confusion. They can’t get used to the fact that their beloved grandfather had a sex change.

Внуки не в восторге от нового пола Кейтлин Дженнер
Chloe, 31-year-old adopted daughter, Caitlin, said in his show about how the eldest of her nephews Disick Mason (son of Kourtney and Scott Desika) responds to a transformation of the grandfather.
“Mason is the eldest of my nephews. When Kaitlin comes to us, he does not know how to behave. Mason is worried and nervous. When he was four, Caitlin began his transformation. Then the boy asked him: “What are you doing, grandpa?”. Now he is six years old. My sisters and mom were so honest with him how you can be honest with the child, but Mason nasty these conversations and he tries to avoid meeting with Caitlin now, and we can’t influence it.. Caitlin also understands. She, of course, is going through, because he loves the grandchildren, but is not going to impose or put pressure on them,” said Chloe.

Bruce Jenner with wife Kris and grandson Mason

We will remind that in the beginning of this year it became known that the son of Caitlin Brody will become a father for the first time, and yesterday it became known that the eldest daughter Cassandra is also expecting a third child. Jenner is very happy that after the change of sex she was also able to establish relationships with the older children, from the life which she was missing by marrying Chris.

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