Gerard Depardieu moves in a wheelchair

Жерар Депардье передвигается в инвалидном кресле

French actor Gerard Depardieu, who now has Belgian and Russian citizenship, said recently in the capital airport Sheremetyevo. Apparently, to walk alone the famous actor, could not, because I transported him in a wheelchair.

67-year-old Depardieu was filmed civilian journalist Linus, who claims that the actor doesn’t seem sick or tired. The day before this, Gerard stayed in the Metropol hotel, and the tasting of Massandra wines in the framework of the Yalta economic forum, at which he arrived, he was completely healthy.
In the hotel reported that shortly before leaving, Gerard was in the hotel bar, enjoying a drink and a cigar, moved himself, also independently reached the taxi.
It is unknown what happened on the way to the airport, but from the car independently to get out Gerard could not, and asked the airport staff a wheelchair. However, for them it was a novelty.
“Gerard Depardieu is always flying at us, as VIP-person. This is not the first time he moves in a wheelchair, and we are sympathetic to the desires of our customers” — said the employee of the airport in Sheremetyevo.

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