The artist drew Shnurov on the louboutins and shorts

Художница нарисовала Шнурова на лабутенах и в трусах

Shocking Petersburger Irina Romanovskaya continues to shock the audience. This time her hero was Sergei Shnurov.

A rock musician on the picture it looks not only funny, but weird: Cord is depicted reclining on the couch in poison-green shorts, blue socks and bright red “louboutins” to wear high heels.

And the most piquant detail: Sergey drawn with… bare chest. Such non-standard creative tool and is famous Romanov.

Earlier, she managed in the same way to depict the forward of “Zenith” Hulk, the winner of the current Oscar ceremony Leonardo DiCaprio. And even the President of our country Vladimir Putin.

Now here’s the Cord. Apparently, the artist hoped to present the portrait of Sergey birthday: April 13, the leader of the “Leningrad” will celebrate 43 years.

“I hope he likes the picture, – says Irina. I think he has a sense of humor and self-irony”.

By the way, we will remind that Sergey is also bad draws, he even held exhibitions in St. Petersburg Central exhibition hall “Manege”, but to draw a response a portrait of Irina Romanovskaya he is unlikely to want. Which is a pity.

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