Gosha Kutsenko told about major quarrels with her daughter

Гоша Куценко рассказал о крупных ссорах с дочерью The actor spoke about his difficult relationship with 20-year-old Pauline. The girl, whose mother is a famous actress Maria Poroshina, follow in their footsteps. She is studying to be an actress and makes her first steps in the profession.

      Гоша Куценко рассказал о крупных ссорах с дочерью

      Honored artist Gosha Kutsenko — the father of two daughters. The eldest of them, Pauline, twenty years old, she wants to follow in the footsteps of their famous parents. Polina — illegitimate child Gosha Kutsenko and actress of the Maria Poroshina. In 2015, the first season of the television series “the Last COP” in which Pauline appeared together with his famous parent. It should be noted that in this project the girl played a not minor role, and one of the main characters.

      Many probably thought that Pauline participated in the draft exclusively thanks to efforts of his father. However, as it turned out, casting the young actress took place on a common basis, together with other contenders for the role of a character named Julia, the daughter of the main character performed by Gosha Kutsenko. And the girl managed to convince the producers that she will cope with this role.

      Гоша Куценко рассказал о крупных ссорах с дочерью

      In the story of series hero Kutsenko wakes up after twenty years of coma and realizes that it is necessary to rebuild relationships with family and friends, including his daughter Julia. Without difficult situations in this difficult matter has not done. And, as admitted Kutsenko, not only on set but also in real life. It was not easy to stay together with my own child. The actor would prefer that instead Pauline was played by another actress. Because of its little experience of filming, and possibly from nerves, she constantly quarreled with his father while working on the series. The process was very hard. Until one day, something happened that made him to reconsider his views on acting Polina.

      “I prefer not to interfere in her personal life. Gently relate to the artistic, – admitted to us Kutsenko. And was against to meet her on the same site. But she was casting, and the producers approved it. I told them: “Guys, there will be scandals”. It was. When we met in the scenes she got. One day she just freaked out and sent me. And then I something clicked. I adopted her as an actress” — said Gosha Kutsenko Sobesednik.ru.

      Second daughter of actor, Eugene — very little. Her two years, which, however, does not prevent the girl to be an actress. Gosha Kutsenko was involved the child in the filming of his video for the song “Love like this”. The video also attended the actor’s wife, model Irina Skrinichenko.

      Let’s remind, Gosha Kutsenko married to Irina 2012. They have a son Eugene. Ghosh also takes part in the upbringing of their illegitimate daughter of Pauline. Her mother — actress Maria Poroshina, star of theater and film. At the moment Polina only understands the basics of acting — a girl studying in a Theatrical Institute. Schukin.

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