Larisa Verbitskaya opened the health center

Лариса Вербицкая  открыла центр здоровья The presenter will help women who want to be transformed. The clinic star customers will be able to use the services of a cosmetologist, massage therapist, urologist, gynecologist and other specialists.

      Лариса Вербицкая  открыла центр здоровья

      Despite the crisis, many stars continue to try to force business. Recently among them was Larissa Verbitskaya – in the centre of Moscow on Pokrovka street, started her clinic. “It was important for me to open a place where people will be able to trust the most valuable – your health – the real professionals, not those who consider themselves a doctor, even getting higher education, explained “StarHit” TV presenter. – Despite the fact that we are in the center of Moscow, prices are quite reasonable and not excessive”.

      In the clinic, you can consult an endocrinologist, urologist, gynecologist, neurologist, psychologist, to use the services of a beautician or masseur. Also have the ability to pass tests. “To make an appointment a minimum of per day – say in the registry. – The initial appointment will cost one thousand rubles, depending on the specialization of the doctor”.

      Лариса Вербицкая  открыла центр здоровья

      Served on policies not yet – the clinic has no contracts with insurance companies. “Larisa responsible approach to this project, says her friend, designer Alisa Tolkacheva. – Along with the familiar doctor has selected a qualified staff. Worked on the design with all the requirements of the Ministry of health. All this time, supported her husband, he is very proud of it”.

      The idea to open my own clinic where women could be transformed, Larisa Verbitskaya gave an unpleasant incident that occurred with her in February. The star then told the fans he was the victim of bad “beauty shots”. Attempt to tidy himself up turned to the stars of ether a nightmare. Larisa agreed to do hyaluronic acid injections in the neck, after which this part of the body has become ugly.

      “It must be said that the nature of my satisfied long neck, and rings of Venus I had always, since I can remember. As they say, there is no limit to perfection! – said Verbitskaya. – Oh! This experience of the visit to the beautician was sad. The next morning even cry! I was like a deer – my whole neck was in large papules and kept it for quite a long time in a few weeks. And the crew was very tactful, all pretended as if nothing happened. Thank you and that I’ve had no major plans, since the HD TV is, first and foremost, a high quality image. It was only later I learned that the doctor used not the density of the drug and screwed up with the technique of its introduction!”

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