“Kvartirnik” in OmSU: Diana Arbenina conquered Omsk students

«Квартирник» в ОмГУ: Диана Арбенина покорила омских студентов

April 9, 2016 charismatic Diana Sergeevna gathered a full audience in Omsk state University. Dostoevsky.

The conversation had to go on modern poetry and its trends, but instead turned out good conversation with the audience and reading their poems from the collection “Sprinter”. What a great concert.

People want to ask questions understand the reason for this were many, especially the excitement of the public was piqued by the fact that the author of the original question, the heroine promised to donate tickets to the concert. And gave the person asking the question: “will the Diana to play the harp”. In response, she told a story that happened to her in childhood. Drunk neighbor once knocked on the door and handed a small harp, asking: “With spirit!”.

The obvious contender for the prize seemed the girl who literally knew by heart biography Arbenina and the thing cried out tips. The number will remind, tell what page your own poem.

– I have the feeling that you are thoroughly prepared, he suspected Diana.

We’re just very bored! replied the fan.

Omsk is one of the first “sniper” cities. Then, in 1999, Arbenina Surganova and in the reserved seat came to us on their first tour. It was just beginning, has not been “31st spring”. The concert was arranged by the volunteers. “Snipers” made in Polytech. The first seeds were planted, and today, according to Arbenina, sprouted shoots. This time she came not just a concert, but also hold an open meeting in support of a creative project that helps sick people unable to grow creatively.

– Of course we should help those whom God has not given health, – said the singer. – Sometimes people want something, but she just can’t do it. One who has a lot of time, but he can’t spend on the positive, eventually ill finish. I spend the master-classes on playing the guitar. Tell their story development tool. If a person wants, for example, to draw, he can send the drawings to the project and win the grant.

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