“Golden gramophone” 2016: Ani Lorak chose the most sexy dress

«Золотой граммофон» - 2016: Ани Лорак выбрала самое сексуальное платье

Ani Lorak again struck fans luxurious and very alluring toilet on the red carpet of the “Golden gramophone”-2016.

In SC “Olympic” was held the annual award “Golden gramophone”-2016. The sexiest outfit on the red carpet can be considered to be the toilet, which shone Ani Lorak.

Unlike outfit Lolita the site, the way Ani was careful attention to detail. The star appeared on the red carpet “Golden gramophone”-2016 delicate powdery in the bathroom with a skirt of layered translucent tulle. Dress decorated with a deep neckline, stressing delicious star shape.

By the way, in one interview, the singer admitted that her husband is not against such Frank dresses and always refers to the selection of a star with understanding.