Alla Pugacheva surprised stylish youth outfit

Алла Пугачева удивила стильным молодежным нарядом

The diva appeared on the award “Golden gramophone” in 2016 in the casual style.

Alla became a sensation award “Golden gramophone” in 2016. She arrived in “Olympic” to sing two new songs, one of which sounded to the public for the first time. Pugacheva has completed the ceremony of his triumphal speech.

For the prize it arrived in a very fashionable and at the same time discreet outfit. The choice of Diva, which, by the way is already 67 years old, fell on enough youth kit. Trendy blue slim-fit jeans she added white trainers, grey switchtm and brown coats “from the man’s shoulder”. Apparently, the outfits oversize style steel main favorites Alla in the new season.