Гобозова и Жарикову публично отчитали за интим в ванной Participants “House-2” are not shy to show the audience their feelings. Olga Zharikova laid out in the microblog a picture together with her lover, done in the tub. Their naked bodies only covers the foam.
Гобозова и Жарикову публично отчитали за интим в ванной

Participants “House-2” Alexander Gobozov and Olga Zharikova do not hide passionate relationship with each other. Some time ago a man visited the “Island of love”, but was not able to make love with someone of its occupants. Star telestroke has managed to change a few girls during his stay on the project this year. Olga Zharikova, he began a relationship after she broke up with llya Habarovym.

In a microblog participating in a reality show there was a very candid shot. Olga and Alexander posing in the bathroom. Men hands covering Breasts sexy brunettes.

“I just thought that it was love. I just thought I words. I just felt like my heart was banging to the beat. It was just me, but this is not so. I just thought…” – shared Zharikova in the caption to the picture.

Fans felt that putting such intimate pictures to the Network – it’s overkill. They expressed their displeasure in comments. “Perverts”, “Yes, Zharikova, you love these pictures exhibit. Leave them for a personal archive”, “Ol, do not have such pictures, respect yourself”, “Pictures for the collection have Gobozova. It is not the first and likely not the last. He loves the videos and photos in the tub to do. And you Olga still be modest. Modesty makes the man. And here are the photos I think do not really like the parents. At least thought about them,” said the followers.

Earlier Zharikova said in microblogging, sure of the feelings of Alexander Gobozova. According to her, he does much to her surprise. Besides, the man finally decided to get a divorce with Allianoi Golosovoy, which did not find the time last year.

“I’m so confident in the sachet, so sure of herself! I think our relationship is beyond the power of anyone to destroy. We already recognize each other in love, making plans for the future. We show the perfect relationship. I was always looking for someone like Sasha, because he is a man of “experience”, knows how to treat a girl, how to talk to them, take care of how to solve problems… And he began to” divorce”, ” shared Olga.

Zharikova, won controversial fame for the four month stay on the project.