Звезда «Интернов» Александр Ильин разлучился с новорожденным первенцем This spring, famous actor and musician became a father for the first time. Darling Alexander Ilyin Yulia gave him a cute son. The artist and his family can not get enough replenishment in the family. According to Alexander, he changed after the baby arrives.
Звезда «Интернов» Александр Ильин разлучился с новорожденным первенцем

In March, 34-year-old Alexander Ilyin, who played in the TV series “Interns” and “Mysterious passion”, there was an addition to the family. Civil choice of the actor Julia gave him a cute son, who was named Sasha, in honor of his father and grandfather. Alexander can’t get enough of the baby’s arrival and tries to give him every free minute. However, due to the work of Ilyin had to be separated from a child.

At the moment Alexander is touring with his band, “Plan Lomonosova”. Now the musicians are charged with the energy of Siberia and the Far East, but very soon they get home. At the end of this week the artists will perform in Moscow, and five days later in St. Petersburg.

“The birth of my son I changed. Any new feeling changes a man, the more is powerful. Appeared continuous joy, and not pronounced, and the deep, impassive, calm. When I took him in his arms, felt the love and feel so far. Now we are in different parts of the country (I’m in the tour), and the connection does not weaken. I have the feeling that Sasha drove us to the tour and around all the time. The child is a new meaning, but only new meanings and change people”, – said Alexander.

The parents of the actor too crazy with happiness. The father and mother of the stars of “the Internship” is another grandson of Fyodor, the son of Alexei Ilyin. Alexander enjoys spending time with her nephew.

“Very smart guy grows, our rock. The constantly changing’ll find it features many relatives. Bright, smiling, not Moody, inquisitive. But, of course, mom and dad I have long hinted that and expect me grandchildren,” says the actor.

With the civil wife Julia Alexander have been together for ten years. Future lovers meet in childhood, when rest in a holiday village. Fiancee Ilyin under him for six years, she worked as a specialist in public relations. “We went through a lot – split, converge. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the scandals and conflicts in what good does not result”, – said the artist.

Alexander served him a perfect example to follow. They do not leave for forty years. Star “Interns” says a stamp in the passport does not have any difference to him, unlike the older generation. Now, however, Ilyin, apparently, will have to change marital status. “Because you need a son to give her name,” shared Alexander with “Telenedelya”.