16-летний cын Натальи Водяновой рассекретил свою девушку Lucas Portman spending time together, with a mysterious Sweet and publicly confesses his love for her. About the choice of the successor to the British aristocrat known not so much. The girl is a closed page in the Instagram, not wanting to show a stranger a personal photo.

36-year-old Natalia Vodianova is now resting with relatives in Barcelona. The model has a lovely time in Sunny Spain, where now more than 20 degrees Celsius. Star shares colorful frames made on the social networks. Recently, Natalia released a photo taken during a joint meal with the children. “My family, my wealth,” said the celebrity.

In the picture you can see the older children Natalie, who were born in her marriage to British aristocrat Justin Portman. 16-year-old Lucas sealed with a mysterious dark-haired Cute girl. Apparently, this is the beloved heir of the model. In his microblog Lucas laid out a joint picture with a friend, accompanied by the publication of emojis in the shape of a heart. The post young man left no doubt that he has feelings for Mila.

Social media users were delighted with the photos of the son of a model and his intended lady. The Network wished them happiness. Many have found that Lucas and Mila make a lovely couple. “Wow”, “This is it girl?”, “So cute”, commented on the Internet.

It is known that the eldest son of Natalia Vodianova admires his mother. Lucas also takes part in charity activities. So, in March of this year young people supported Natalia in the race of her Fund “Naked heart”, held in Paris. The route ran through the streets and parks of the French capital, and the starting point was the château de Vincennes. In addition to Lucas, the event was attended by fashion blogger Camila Coelho. The aim of the project was to raise funds to help children with autism. Thanks to caring people managed to raise 30 thousand euros.

In one of interview Natalia said that Lucas also considers himself a part of the Fund “Naked heart”. The star jokingly calls son as his successor. According to Vodianova, and he is ready to take on such a responsibility.

By the way, Lucas goes in for sports not only in order to help other people, but for their own pleasure. In his spare time, son, Vodianova leads an active lifestyle. Among his Hobbies fishing, horseback riding, surfing and skiing.

The senior heir of celebrities came to light in December 2001. Married to Justin Portman Natalia Vodianova have also been born a daughter, Neva and son Victor. In 2011, the model was officially dissolved his marriage with an English Lord. At the moment Natalia is in a relationship with French businessman Antoine Arnault, the couple has two children together – max and Roman.