Glyuk’oza admitted that he sometimes allows himself to fast food

Глюк'oZa призналась, что иногда позволяет себе фастфуд

Even sports stars who try to lead a healthy lifestyle, allow yourself a little gastronomic weakness.

30-year-old singer is a role model for thousands of women! A mother of two children, looks perfect, adhere to a healthy lifestyle, regularly shares her beauty secrets and characters but also manages to build a career.

For his fans who daily leave hundreds of comments on Instagram stars, Chistyakova-Ionova has created a beauty blog, which reveals all its secrets, and answers questions from subscribers.

This time the theme of the blog began all sorts of questions from fans from social networks, which Glyuk’oza answered honestly.

The singer admitted that she rarely can afford to stop at McDonald’s.

“My products taboo is sodas, junk food, baked goods, and all that as sharp and very salty. In some days, frankly, I can and McDonalds to go. I love the sweet, for me this is the biggest problem. This is what I would like to win.

I consume a lot of desserts, may 2-3 a day. Try to compensate for this sport. In General, if you love cake, but I feel that they are better – eat them for Breakfast. And a Cup of coffee or tea. The whole day you will be able to burn those calories. I try to consume a lot of vegetables! Sometimes I see that many consume more meat and less vegetables, but my plate is always a large portion of the second. At home I eat more vegetables, meatballs, Turkey and veal. I don’t eat pork. If it’s pasta, gluten-free,” he told me about your diet a 30-year-old star.

By the way, a rare lunch at a fast food won’t harm ideal figure of Natalia. Becoming a mother of two children, 30-year-old Natalia Ionova still allows himself to do a spicy photo in bikini or pleasing husband erotic dancing (by the way, here at Gluk’oza’s your thing: she was sure that it must be done by every woman. — Approx. Woman’s Day). Daily exercise and proper nutrition help her not to think about the extra kilograms and choose the most revealing outfits.