Dina Garipova is fading away

Дина Гарипова тает на глазах

The winner of the first season of the show “the Voice” shocking the fans with their elegance.

For the concert of the popular performer Garou in the Crocus city hall, Dina went with my mom. The girl was a fan of creativity Garou, and two years ago she was lucky enough to sing duets with him. Before the performance the singer met the singer in the dressing room, talked, took a photo for memory. “Today I am full of emotions, because it is rarely possible to watch the concert from the audience. I decided that I just need to go to a good concert. And now, having learned about the arrival of the Garou, I really wanted to meet this wonderful person and be sure to visit his show! My mom is here!..”

Spectators attending a concert, not surprised that Dean, like all the audience, walking down the hall without protection and support, and how it has changed. It seems that Dina Garipova became twice slimmer than recently. Concise black outfit from designer Alexandra Vanushina even more emphasized her figure. And subscribers in social networks more recently, discussing “interesting position” of the singer, is now all concerned, not anorexia if their favorite Dinucci.

Love for a healthy lifestyle from Dina Garipova appeared a year ago after getting married.

– We don’t go to the nutritionists, we do not have any special goals. Only a healthy lifestyle, sport, nutrition and a state of harmony and joy in everything. And any special tips on losing weight no, because each person is different, – shared the singer during a recent interview.

Immediately after returning from their honeymoon, which took place in Cuba, the couple put the house exercise machines, dumbbells and began to make useful evening walk. Because of the new pet – husky Peach I had to do it mandatory.

But to talk about his new figure, the singer is not very pleasant, because in the first place for Dina Garipova her work.

Дина Гарипова тает на глазах