Глюк'oZa рассказала, как делать идеальные пляжные селфи

Sun, sea, sand… and a selfie! How without take beautiful photos on the beach? The famous singer gave a master class to the fans to create a light makeup for the perfect photo on the beach.

How to make hair style in five minutes what cheap makeup products you should pay attention and many different hacking – every Friday Glyuk’oza share with the fans their beauty secrets.

This time the singer decided to pay attention to a question that interests all the girls on the beach: how to make a beautiful photo without a thorough make-up and styling?

“Today we will talk about makeup on the beach. On the one hand, I want to relax, look natural, sunbathe, and on the other I want to stay beautiful. This is especially true of those who only recently started a relationship and are not accustomed to appear without makeup in front of her lover.

I think almost all are now “Instagram” and want to post vacation photos and not to endlessly hide your face under the glasses). So I decided to share with you my make-up girls on the beach, where the protagonist, of course, a reflector, more precisely, reflective cosmetics: powder, highlighter, pigment, etc.

In the vlog, I don’t use waterproof cosmetics, even though some claim that it was necessary (when bathing-diving supposedly can spread), but I think it only weights a person and not necessarily – I almost didn’t dive and don’t piss your hair in salt water. Well, if you are a small Dolphin, of course, have to take into account, collecting cosmetics on vacation”, – said Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova.

By the way, at the end of last year, the singer due to the large number of questions on social media about your care and makeup created beauty blog.

“In recent interviews and questions from fans on the topic of beauty was simply overwhelming, so one fine day I decided to own my own beauty blog where I will share with you everything secret is about beauty, products and in General all girly. The idea of this came very naturally because I was constantly around new cosmetics, which tell friends-make-up artists” – cheered followers star.

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