Бывшая невеста Гайдуляна кардинально сменила имидж

Bad breakup with the actor has given Diana a hard time: she laid out in the microblog posts and quotes, full of despair. But study, work and image change helped Ochilboy to forget the past and start smiling!

Almost a year fans of Andrew Giulana watched his disease and suffered along with him. Recall that in August, the actor began to experience problems with breathing and speech. And went to the doctors. Unfortunately, the survey results were disappointing: Andrew was diagnosed with cancer…

After long-term treatment in February of this year Andrew, along with his fiancee Diana returned to Moscow and started to work. “Friends! Thanks to God, thanks to you, your prayers and just good wishes, thanks to the doctors, thanks to good and very good people, friends we completed treatment and returned to Moscow. We are very happy and thank all the heavenly forces for the result. It’s been an incredible six months of our lives… I Hope that I will not betray them, and they will change me forever. Thank God for everything”, – he wrote in his microblog.

The fans exhaled. “And now for the wedding to begin,” thought followers.

However, planning a chic wedding never took place. Diana supported the actor throughout the struggle with a terrible disease, but after Andrew recovered, the couple suddenly after three years of relations decided to leave.

“There was no limit to my happiness – to be with you and all we’ve been through. This is the best thing that happened to me, ” an unexpected confession made in his blog, the girl Andrew Diana. But something broke we won. And all that remains to us is to let go of everything in infinity. I wish happiness to everyone. Hurt. But it’s for the best. Beautiful end! Anyway, we are the winners with you!”

Fans wondered: this can not be! “I hope Diana has written on emotions, and they make peace”, – wrote some.

Diana long was posted in “Instagram” posts sad quotes and photographs. A month later, the ex-fiancée of Giulana decided to take myself in hand and start with modifications. Diana shared with followers pictures with a new hairdo – she decided to say goodbye to long hair and got a haircut “Bob”.

Subscribers praised the hairstyle Ochilboy and many noted that since the hair cut out everything bad from the past.

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