Перчатки Дэниэла Крэйга едва не обошлись «Скайфоллу» в миллионы долларов

The whim of Hollywood actor Daniel Craig, starring in the latter part of James bond, could cost producers millions of dollars. This story told film critic Charlie Lin, which, in turn, heard it from a man who had to “Skyfall”.
During the filming Dniel Craig has decided that he desperately needed to enter into the frame of leather gloves. We are Tired of Sam Mendes didn’t have the strength to argue with the artist (it was evening), and the next stage in Macau, bond sported gloves.

It took three months. At the time of installation of the episode where special agent falls into a pit of Komodo dragons, the villain can’t shoot him due to the fact that the guns of James bond will recognize only his fingerprints. This phenomenal “goof” would cost the reputation of the strip is very expensive. Not to reshoot the scene, which took millions of dollars, had to turn to CG and to finish, the bond arms.

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