Леонардо ДиКаприо мог сыграть в «Спасателях Малибу»

It is difficult to imagine how would be the career of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, if fate decreed otherwise, and on the casting for the TV series “Baywatch” (Yes, the same with Pamela Anderson) he was given the role.

Леонардо ДиКаприо мог сыграть в «Спасателях Малибу»
In the 90s TV series “Baywatch” was one of the most popular. Not to say that someone other than Pamela did it influence the career development. Handsome Jason Mamoa – and he became famous much later. However, for fifteen-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio, this could be a big step forward.
It is noteworthy that refused to a teenager not because I came face or talent, but because molodyascheysya David Hasselhof didn’t want to look too old. The role eventually received ten years of Jeremy Jackson.

Леонардо ДиКаприо мог сыграть в «Спасателях Малибу»

“Already was to begin shooting with DiCaprio as intervened David Hasselhof. He stated that he would like to look younger on the screen, and fifteen year old son would not have helped in this,” said Michael Burke.
Who knows, maybe it had a positive impact on my career Leo, because soon after, he received an invitation to appear on the show “growing pains”, after which he was noticed and invited the main role in “Titanic”, who eventually became the springboard for a brilliant actor.

By the way, the mean spirited Hasselhoff was also strongly opposed to in the tape was filmed and the star of Playboy Pamela Anderson. It seemed to him that since the show is watching the children, the appearance of Busty beauties could affect the ranking of the project. It reflected, however, in a good way.




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