В Сети обсуждают беременность Дины Гариповой
Recently, the singer chooses outfits a boxy cut.

Dina Garipova

Photo: Alexander Kurov

Lately, fans of Dina Garipova began to talk about
her possible pregnancy. No reason to discuss interesting position of the star of the show “the Voice”
— a few: first, Garipova year ago, got married, and it follows that
added a young family not far off, and secondly, the last time
Garipova appears in public in a spacious dresses.
During a concert in Murom fans noticed the rounded — supposedly pregnant
the stomach. By the way, recently the singer chooses things boxy,
hiding her figure, which is surprising, because not so long ago Garipova much

Recall that last year Dina Garipova got married.
His wife, the singer prefers not to advertise, because it is not a public person and doesn’t want attention to his person. After the wedding, Dina
began rapidly to lose weight: along with her husband she became interested in healthy eating.

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