Gleb Zhemchugova was dragged into the scandal with the illegitimate child

Глеба Жемчугова втянули в скандал с внебрачным ребенком A young mother says that the former participant “Houses-2” – the father of her daughter. Elina Kowalska for the past five years has been accused by the man, but now that his name at the hearing, decided to restore justice and to encourage him to justice.

      Глеба Жемчугова втянули в скандал с внебрачным ребенком

      Former participant reality show “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugov five years ago the man met Elina Kowalska in a nightclub. The girl was going through a painful breakup with her boyfriend, and therefore was not against Roman and Zhemchugova. However, their relationship lasted just a couple of weeks. After a while Elina realized that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter Milan and now says that the girl’s father – Gleb Zhemchugov. In order to prove his innocence, she called the program “live” with a request to do a DNA test.

      “I really wanted that the child was not from Gleb, but the great love,” admitted Elina.
      Глеба Жемчугова втянули в скандал с внебрачным ребенком

      Kowalski could not tell Zhemchugova that is expecting a child, as he disappeared from her life – did not respond to calls. Last year Elina came on the reality show “Dom-2” and reported his daughter, but he didn’t believe her. A young mother told me that not so long ago Hleb still contacted her and offered to do a DNA test.

      “Six years ago, I led a fairly dissolute life, girls like it, was too much. Yes, violent youth, so I was burning time”, – said Gleb.
      Глеба Жемчугова втянули в скандал с внебрачным ребенком

      Gleb explained that recently, it pursues a series of setbacks – the separation with his wife, parting with a child. Then came to him the thought that this is due to the fact that he doesn’t recognize Milan. And when Pearl called Elina, she cursed him.

      Former member of “House-2” is surprised that the girl could not tell him about the baby. However, Elina admitted that he’s just confused since she was only 19 years old, and she felt herself just a child.

      “I may have taken six years of a child’s life,” cried of Pearls and promised that if Milan will be his daughter, he would pay child support.

      Глеба Жемчугова втянули в скандал с внебрачным ребенком

      In the Studio there was a former wife of Gleb Olga Wind. She said she did not like to hear about the illegitimate child Zhemchugova.

      Friend Olga Deryabina Wind Christine after the appearance in the Studio was to blame Elina Fun in cheating. She stated that she leads a dissolute life, but because the girl received a bad reputation.

      “The probability that Gleb Zhemchugov is the father of your child, Milana, zero percent,” said Boris korchevnikov.

      The entire hall was outraged by the fact that she is without reason blamed Gleb. Kowalski suspects that most likely the baby’s father – just the same man with whom she had a long-term relationship.