Aunt of Victor Tsoi mired in poverty

Тетя Виктора Цоя прозябает в нищете The woman prays for relatives for help. She is forced to sleep on the floor and strictly limit yourself to food. Tatyana Tsoy sold the apartment for my son who suffers from alcoholism. However, relatives of the pensioner is not in a hurry to support it.

      Тетя Виктора Цоя прозябает в нищете

      Aunt of the famous singer Tatyana Tsoy for four years now wanders the barracks of Alma-ATA and mired in poverty. The woman sold the only housing at the request of his son Vladimir, who invested money to his mother in the business. However, the men are burned, and Tatiana was left with nothing. She begs Robert Tsoi, father of the famous musician, to help her in material terms.

      In the Studio of the program “Talk show” a woman told me that she had talked with the mother of the legendary artist. The Victor she had seen only in childhood. According to Tatiana, the boy was withdrawn. Relatives of Choi very poor and lived till he became a star. Tatiana deeply regrets that Victor left early from life.

      Тетя Виктора Цоя прозябает в нищете

      “My son is a Tae Kwon do instructor. He vowed that he will work and return the money. The apartment, which I sold, were 18 thousand dollars”, – said the heroine of this program. According to the woman, her heir is suffering from alcoholism. When a man drinks, he begins to throw out their aggression on loved ones. Once Tatiana was even thinking to commit suicide and take with them an heir. “The son brought. Poverty is not so bad,” said Choi.

      Then the Studio came Robert, the father of the famous musician. Tatiana asked forgiveness from him. However, the elderly man was a pleasure to meet a cousin and explained why.

      “I had an aunt – my father’s sister. All her life she was childless. At the time she adopted Tania. She told me no one at all. I don’t know who gave her the name. Never met her before, see her first time… She had a long time to call me and make itself felt. But now it’s too late. I am outraged that it has come to pass. It is a bloody disgrace,” said Robert Maksimovich.
      Тетя Виктора Цоя прозябает в нищете

      Experts expressed disagreement with the point of view of an elderly man. They said that Robert Maksimovich has no right to refuse cousins, citing the fact that he is not a native.

      After some time the discussion was attended by Mikhail Choi, grandson aunt of the famous musician. According to the young man, he lived with his grandmother after his parents divorced. Michael plans to work as a coach.

      In turn, Marina Khan, the wife of the father of Viktor Tsoi, told that their family is also not going smoothly. Previously, Robert Maksimovic said that he had cancer. The man needed an impressive amount of treatment. He appealed to the fans of the son and sold the apartment to pay for health care. At the moment, the parent of the legends of rock music huddled in a modest “odnushku” on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. According to Choi, he has no extra money.

      Apartment Robert Maksimovic bought his other son, Leonid, born after his cheating wife. To contact Alexander, the only son of the stars of rock music, it does not work. Robert Maksimovich stated that he gets most of the money from sales of songs of the legendary artist.

      At the end of the program contacted the mother of Michael Choi. The woman said that the son lived with her, and only recently it took my grandmother. “They say that they were all right. When the son arrives, I give him money. But Tatiana, I can not help. The second grandmother, my mother, against I someone lived,” said she.

      In the final programme Robert Choi said that promises to help impoverished cousin. The man said that he would deal with the situation.