Владимир Епифанцев высказался о разводе The media are actively discussing the breakup of an acting couple. Vladimir yepifantsev is angry, when about his personal life tells the public, however his wife Anastasiya Vedenskaya not hesitate to tell about what is happening in her family.

      Владимир Епифанцев высказался о разводе

      Spouse Vladimir Epifantsev, actress Anastasiya Vedenskaya, said that it intends to divorce him. According to the woman, they broke up about a year ago. Despite the fact that the artists lived together for 11 years and are raising two sons, She wants to start life with a clean slate. However, Epifantsev quite negative in the discussion of his personal life.

      “My wife is a good person. I see no reason to talk about it. Around there are so many interesting things that can attract attention, and not my family relationships,” – shared with “StarHit” the Vladimir.
      Владимир Епифанцев высказался о разводе

      Despite the fact that the actor tries to avoid indistinct formulations for statements about divorce, his fiancee boldly declares that for a long time does not live under the same roof with your spouse. However, she admitted in one of the airs that Epifantsev still has her husband, since the official divorce, the actress has not received. Anastasia did not specify why Vladimir doesn’t want to finally cut ties with her.

      Vedenskaya admitted that she was very difficult to live with someone, sharing a life which brings her only pain and disappointment. According to her, she decided to end it all and dared to leave her husband. Moreover, she was tired of constant nervousness wife – he could not cope with their own emotions.

      The actors met on the exam at drama school – Vladimir was a member of the selection Committee, and therefore could not fail to mention the talent and charm of the young actress. Despite the difference in the 13 years between artists broke out a novel, which quickly led to wedding. The couple had two sons, Gordey and Orfey.

      45-year-old Vladimir Epifantsev tries to do everything to stay attractive in the eyes of women. He constantly keeps himself in shape – sports and strictly monitors his diet.

      “I’m concerned about the culture of the body. Particularly because of my age it is very important to me because I don’t want to lose their youthful energy. I love sex, and I want to be sexually attractive. And again, for profession, for film work I’m trying to keep the shape. But following his method I would not recommend to anyone. Through trial and error I chose a sparing system, come to which is not so easy, and have to work under the supervision of a specialist,” admitted Vladimir.