Daughter of Michael Jackson spoke about the rape

Дочь Майкла Джексона рассказала об изнасиловании The girl gave an interview in which he frankly told about what she had to endure. As it turned out, over Paris Jackson had sexually abused in adolescence. In the words of the successor of the legends of pop music, she kept silent about the incident for several years.

      18-year-old Paris Jackson rarely shares details of his personal life and does not like to speak with the press heart to heart. However, she recently made an exception and gave a Frank interview in which has told about the shocking events in his life and about his father’s death.

      In recognition of Paris, she was raped as a teenager. It’s difficult for her to talk about it, but she overcame himself.

      “When I was fourteen, I was raped by the man who was much older than me. I would not want to go into details, but it was a miserable experience. I found it very hard. I never said”, – said the heiress of a famous singer.

      According to Paris, her life has been a lot of testing. She tried several times to commit suicide. The last attempt brought her in a therapeutic school, located in Utah. “I came out a completely different person – confessed daughter of Michael Jackson. – I was crazy. I been through a lot, for example, through teenage angst. I have also dealt with depression and anxiety without assistance”. Additionally, Paris told reporters that buying the same drugs that took her father. She eventually learned to cope without drugs.

      Speaking about his famous parent, Perez said that he feels affinity with him. “People who knew him personally, afraid of our similarities. I feel like black. Dad looked me in the eye, pointed at me his finger and said, “You’re black. Proud of its roots”. I believe him. In General, I never lied,” admitted the girl.

      Jackson also made a sensational recognition about the demise of the legends of pop music. She is sure that he died a violent death. According to Paris, Michael has repeatedly hinted at the fact that someone wants to get rid of it.

      “It’s obvious, though reminiscent of a conspiracy theory and more like nonsense. All true fans of the father and his family know the truth. It was a setup,” shared daughter of the artist.

      On the question of who was going to kill the singer, Paris said: “Many people”. The girl also said that is not going to leave my father’s death go unpunished. The heiress pop star wants revenge. “All this is reminiscent of the game of chess. And I’m trying to make the right move. This is the most I can say at the moment,” Paris told Rolling Stone magazine.

      Note that at the moment the successor of the famous artist got to work. The girl is very popular. Not long ago, Paris took part in a vintage photo shoot for Chanel. Debut beauty as a model has become one of the most talked about events worldwide, and the Jackson began to compare with a young Madonna.