Gleb Zhemchugov decided on liposuction

Глеб Жемчугов решился на липосакцию Participant reality show “House-2” will take surgery to remove fat, as sports training helped him achieve body dreams. According to the man, he is not afraid of this procedure. Doctor clinic that does liposuction, said the “StarHit” about why Zhemchugova need this surgery.

      Глеб Жемчугов решился на липосакцию

      Gleb Zhemchugov a long period of time was going to do surgery to remove excess fat. On the advice of his friend Rustam Solntsev, a member of the reality show “Dom-2” went to a specialized clinic to the surgeon Nut Babayan Pavlovich. The man told about their problems, and the doctor offered him the option, he will achieve relief of the body is liposuction.

      “Gleb is actively involved in sports, just comes already a time when shedding weight does not correct those deformities that we’re going to remove neither the stomach nor the sides. There are places where fat is not going anywhere. At this moment the patient goes to the surgeon. The essence of liposuction is to remove deformation. This operation is not for weight reduction”, – said Alexander Pavlovich.
      Глеб Жемчугов решился на липосакцию

      According to the surgeon, wrong food brought Zhemchugova to such deformations. “If you look at Gleb with no clothes on, that is a lot of sediment in the lower abdomen and sides, so he needs liposuction,” said doctor. The whole operation is performed under General anesthesia, is also in the process of getting rid of fat, the patient is administered a special medication. Then Zhemchugova have to wear special underwear so that the skin does not SAG.

      “I’m not worried. Long been thought to go for liposuction. Friends have told stories that fat then it will be incorrectly distributed, there will come out. The operation will take place in several stages, the next few months”, – said Gleb with the correspondent of “StarHit”.

      Gayk Pavlovic believes that after the rehabilitation period, do not forget to play sports and try to follow a proper diet. Then, the operation effect will be much better.

      Zhemchugova’s spouse, the participant “House-2” Olga the Wind could not come with him to the clinic. But she is very worried about him. “Olga’s wishing me luck, writes the message,” said Gleb.

      Глеб Жемчугов решился на липосакцию