Marilyn Kerro longs for the Alexander Sheps

Мэрилин Керро тоскует по Александру Шепсу Estonian witch kept a love note that she has left the MAG. Cleaning the apartment, Marilyn Kerro found a piece of paper on which Alexander Sheps once expressed to her his bright feelings.

      In social media vigorously debated the breakup of the most mystical pair of “Battle of psychics.” Recently Marilyn Kerro confessed that they had left with Alexander Sheps and no longer live together. The news came as a shock to fans, because beloved has demonstrated a complete harmony. The case even went to the wedding. However, it turned out that now the psychics are not together.

      Fans of kerro guess about the cause of her break with the Sheps

      Many fans of Marilyn Kerro believe that the fight is temporary, and soon the lovers are reconciled. However, there are those who think that the conflict pairs – nothing like a PR before the new season of the mystical show. The fact is that Kerro the third time will appear in the program, to prove that she is the best. Last season the witch took the second place.

      Whatever it was, Marilyn makes it clear that her feelings for Alexander not died down. Estonian clairvoyant has published on his page in Instagram touching photo with a love note that her once-devoted boyfriend. On a piece of paper inscribed: “Looking at you in my head only: Armastus” that in their native language witch means “love”.

      “How sweet, to find such a touching little things! Cool”, “This memory! Save, then it will be a little colunata show”, “Looking at you , Mary, we experience the same feelings. I hope that you continue to be happy,” “Armastus! Moreover, until now. And you, when you look at him the same. From the visible! That’s when you hear his name – eyes always react… attitude is changed immediately, “Oh my God, how cute and touching, when you get notes like this from a loved one” – responded to the new publication of kerro fans.

      We will remind, appeared on the set of the new season of the show “Battle of psychics”, Marilyn stunned fans and leading strong statement. The witch has hinted at the breakup of Alexander Sheps. It turns out that the witch no longer lives with the magician, and he’s not even aware of her plans to participate in the program.

      “He doesn’t know yet. We hadn’t talked in a week. When you take your stuff and move to a new place… I don’t know how it counts. We parted. I don’t understand why everyone is asking about Sasha constantly. We are different people, different personalities. Before you now I’m not Sasha,” — said presenter Marilyn “the battle of psychics” Marat Basharova.