Khmelnytsky explained that her links with his new wife Keosayan

Хмельницкая объяснила, что ее связывает с новой женой Кеосаяна The famous actress has had to get along with the darling ex-wife. Alena Khmelnitskaya heat communicates with Margarita Simonyan, proving by their example that if you want you can maintain a positive aura in the family even after the divorce.

      Хмельницкая объяснила, что ее связывает с новой женой Кеосаяна

      Marriage Alena Khmelnytsky and Tigran Keosayan many years was considered exemplary. The artists raised a daughter Alexandra, which is 22 years old, and educate the younger heiress Xenia, born in 2010. it is not Surprising that the famous couple divorce two years ago came as a bolt from the blue. As it turned out, by the time Alan and Tigran had not lived together for three years. The star of the film “hearts of three”, however, shows women’s wisdom in dealing with the new darling of the ex-wife Margarita Simonyan.

      Not every divorced woman boasts of warm relations with the new favorite ex-husband. Khmelnytsky not only confirms by his own example the fact that “high-ratio” possible, but treated with humor to the events.

      “When we were vacationing in nice, was found on the embankment and the three of us sat in a cafe,” says the actress. — You should have seen the faces of people who knew who we were and looked from me to Margo and back again, trying to understand what’s going on here”.
      Хмельницкая объяснила, что ее связывает с новой женой Кеосаяна

      Interestingly, met ladies not so long ago Alena was invited Margarita with children on the birthday of the younger daughter Susie. The actress had to get along with the new darling ex-husband. The fact that when her youngest daughter is in dad’s guest, she communicates with his new family, especially with the heirs of Mariasa and Bagrat. The children immediately found a common language and become friends. According to Khmelnitsky, that’s right, so on her part there is no confrontation.

      Alena Khmelnitskaya get along with his new wife Keosayan

      “The decision on the day of birth of Susie to invite Tigran with the whole family we have taken with the eldest daughter of Sasha. This was our first such meeting. At first I thought that will come Tigran with children, but then I realized, what better reason to all, finally, to see and learn, not to find. A year ago this idea would have seemed to me ridiculous and insane, but, apparently, it’s time… And the photos turned out so: we sat, talked, drank, were about forty people — it’s not that the four of us gathered. One of us suggested, “Maybe take a picture?” And why not? The next day phoned Margo: “Well, blow up the public?” Posted photos in social networks. It was cool. Especially funny to read comments”, – shared his impressions Alain in an interview with “7 days”.