Глеб Матвейчук заинтриговал новой подругой The artist shared in social networks joint photo with a charming brunette and signed the smiley sweetheart. Fans of Matveychuk decided that the way he presented his new fiancee. However, Gleb has not commented on his relationship with actress Elena Glazkova.

      35-year-old Gleb Matveichuk recently shared on Instagram a joint photo with a charming brunette. Your post he was accompanied by a smiley in the shape of a heart. Followers of Gleb decided that it was the darling of the celebrity. They wished the film success in work and personal life. According to many fans, the main thing – to feel happy. “I admire your talent”, “Silence is Golden, especially for men,” “Gleb, thanks for your songs! Peace of mind to you and let everything you do will be wonderful”, – expressed his opinion the followers of Matveychuk.

      Mysterious girlfriend glib – 29-year-old actress of theatre and cinema Elena Glazkova, a graduate of the Gerasimov Institute of CINEMATOGRAPHY named Gerasimov. The girl is not married but is in a relationship, judging by her social media pages. However, the elect Elena carefully hides in her Instagram the photo with the young man. He regularly pleases the artist with attention and presents her lavish bouquets of flowers.

      At the end of October of this year the screens will be released a new film with closed eye. Picture Director Elena Borisova is called “in the Autumn 41-go” and tells the story of how the Great Patriotic war affected the lives of four friends. In addition to the closed eye, the film also stars Yuri Nazarov, Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov and Oksana Dorokhin.

      This year it is also scheduled the premiere of the Comedy “none of my damn business”, produced by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Friend Gleb Matveychuk will play in it one of the main roles. The film also busy Danila Dunaev, Olga Tomycine, Sergei Belogolovtsev and other artists.

      Recall that this year Gleb Matveichuk divorced with Anastasia Makeeva. In this regard, fans regularly attributed to him new. So, at the festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk Gleb paid much attention to Opera singer Ksenia Dejavou, and now Matveychuk attribute relationship with actress Glazkova.

      Gleb Matveychuk and Anastasia Makeeva decided to divorce after seven years of marriage. The news came as a surprise to many fans of the star couple. In one of his social networking Makeeva thanked the Matveychuk for the time spent together. According to the actress, with Gleb, she had many amazing and happy moments. Anastasia Makeeva on divorce: “We have a problem three years trying to become parents”