Вера Брежнева перевоспитала Константина Меладзе The producer spoke about her life with the singer. Artist wife instilled good habits and new interests. Konstantin Meladze said that he loved to travel and started to watch what you eat.

      Producer Konstantin Meladze have a year of happy marriage with Vera Brezhneva. Wedding figures of show-business took place on 23 October in Italy, in the town of Forte dei Marmi. According to colleagues he, after his marriage to ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” it has changed a lot. Konstantin Meladze for the first time commented on the relationship with Vera Brezhneva

      The producer recognizes that his wife instilled in him a desire to see the world: they have a lot of traveling. “The first country that captivated me was Italy. Now I feel there is already like home. Even trying to learn Italian because I spend much time in this country”, – said Konstantin.

      During trips abroad, Brezhnev tries to watch what’s eating husband. The singer has always acknowledged in interviews that preparing the house for the family healthy meals. As noted by the fans, he lost weight and began to look younger.

      “When we go with family for a month in Italy, I also try to walk 2-3 hours a day, swim in the sea, in the pool – if lying on the couch all the time, there is a risk to go back two times thicker than when they arrived. Especially in the evening pulls the table to sit down so thoroughly, to chat, to eat well. And in our age it is fraught. If you do not take care of themselves, easily turn into a Hippo. Especially the Italian food”, – said the producer.

      As recognized Meladze, Vera made the effort and that it looked better on carpet and high-profile events. Brezhnev has good taste in clothes and knows what suits his wife. “Now me taken control. If you aren’t married, and would walk in a t-shirt. It used to be 5-7 years in the same go. I had a set of favorite t-shirts and two or three pairs of baggy jeans, and I from them did not get out”, – Konstantinov said in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

      For the composer, Brezhnev became a real Muse. She came in “VIA GRU” in 2003, says Constantine, influenced the work of the team. “I admire her daily, hourly. Faith has a big heart, she strives to help all, finds people who need her help. Faith has amazing energy, looking at her, and I’m getting better,” said the husband of Faith in the programme “Tonight”.