Maxim Fadeev remembered how I had experienced the death of a child

Максим Фадеев вспомнил, как пережил смерть ребенка The producer rarely shares information about their loved ones. Recently, however, Fadeev made an exception and told about the incident that changed his life radically. Maxim told about the night in the hospital died of his newborn daughter.

      48-year-old Maxim Fadeev rarely shares details of his personal life. Last year he shocked fans unexpected recognition: the producer told me that they lost their first child at the doctors. In memory of the deceased heir Fadeev refused the fee for participation in the project “Voice. Children.” Maksim recently gave an interview in which spoke in detail about the difficult period in the life of his family.

      Maxim Fadeev told about the betrayal of the woman

      The death of his daughter was for Maxim and his wife Natalia of this tragedy. After he died the newborn heir to the couple, almost died, the wife of the producer. Natalia was so distressed at the loss of a child that he could not recover. This had a negative impact on her health and has crippled it.

      “Natasha barely survived. She had terrible stress, which resulted in heavy bleeding. I called the hospital and they told me: “get Ready, kid. She lost a lot of blood. Very weak,” – said Maxim Fadeev told reporters.

      The street was winter. Fadeev ran out of the house in one sweater, caught a taxi and went to Doctor the hospital. It was about midnight and everything was closed. Maxim was afraid that he fails to see wife, who, according to medical professionals, was dying. However, after some time, Fadeev saw in the window of the back doors of the old girl. She promised him to find out about Natalia and walked away.

      “It was not two minutes, but they seemed to last forever. As I was shaking and now I can not describe! The first thing I saw on the face of the old woman, when she returned is smile. And I realized that Natasha kept” – said the producer.

      The woman told Fadeev that his fiancee alive, and let him go with God. He hadn’t got the money for the trip home, from experienced unrest he felt an incredible fatigue and weakness. The producer sat down on a huge snow Bank to rest, and did not notice how fell asleep. In the snow he spent the night. Maxim woke up only when day began to break.

      Fadeev also admitted to reporters that such things do not go unnoticed. In the future, it is because of this history, he decided to participate in “the Voice.Children” for free. This project was for Maxim special, the producer loved it. He also has told to “Caravan of stories” that invested in the program’s own funds.

      Later in the family Fadeeva was born long-awaited son Savva. Now the heir of a producer 19. The young man is learning at the directing Department of one of Moscow universities and is already taking first steps in the world of show business. So, Sawa made the first photo shoot with the new SEREBRO soloist Catherine Kischuk. In addition, he directed the video for the song “Broken”.