Дайте два: Benetton представили пару новых ароматов

From the perfume Duo, you can choose one flavor or wear both, alternating them according to your mood.

Italian brand United Colors of Benetton from the end of 60-ies follow the same principle: all people are different, and that’s fine. A simple idea brings the brand, presenting collections of clothes, in which the main role traditionally played by the color. In the new season, United Colors of Benetton offers at the same time to wear and bright perfume. The Duo of flavors, Colors by Benetton is addressed to cheerful girls who enjoy every moment of the day. In pink bottle Pink Colors you’ll find a playful scent with notes of vanilla, musk and spicy patchouli, and turquoise Blue Colors – crisp composition on the basis of the Seville orange and Yuzu energetic with minor chords mate. The first is perfect for dates and cozy evenings, the second will be a faithful companion during trips to the sea and walks along the quays. Thanks to the handy round bottle with lid in the form of the logo of the brand especially any aroma you can not remove from the bag.

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