Уже не тот: Иван Ургант постарел на 10 лет

Broadcaster unsuccessfully changed image.

About the Urgant fans talked about not only as a person, over which time not imperiously. The broadcaster 38, and it is the same as it was in the 30’s… But stars like Vanya, there occur some confusion. Urgant grew a beard (now it is fashionable!) and immediately threw himself an extra 10 years.

Probably, the leading counted on completely different effect when posted on the social network photo a new look. Still, over the past year, the beard became wildly popular. Every self-respecting hipster overgrown so that individuals did not really see. Oh, and in vain, in vain Vanya decided to follow the fashion.

Some subscribers did not even know this bearded man leading the “Evening Urgant”. Others suggested that in this way the showman shows how the face looks in the morning after 1 January. Others thought that Ivan was preparing for the role of Nicholas II and Sultan Suleiman.

But mostly fans of the lead came to the conclusion that, having grown a beard, aged, threw the whole 10 years and looks as tired and beaten down by life man.

What else is there to say? Urgently to shave! While the fans ran away…

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