Gisele Bundchen in the April issue of WSJ magazine

Жизель Бундхен в апрельском номере журнала WSJ

Out the April issue of WSJ magazine, which the main character was Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. A photo shoot outdoors took up photographer Mikael Jansson. In an interview with the star said about family life with 40-year-old Tom Brady, weaknesses, and rules.

Жизель Бундхен в апрельском номере журнала WSJ

A recognized fact is the fact that the models adhere to certain diets. If many argue that this is a hard restriction in calories, the wards themselves modeling agencies deny these words and do not deny yourself the sweets and flour dishes. Bundchen also loves to treat themselves to something delicious. Favorite dish cicmil a supermodel are Munchkin Dunkin’ Donuts. This little donuts in glaze and sprinkle, with toppings or without — Giselle loves them in any form. “I never have enough of one Munchkin — need ten, because they are so small… It’s my pleasure,” she confessed.

If you eat donuts it allows itself to use modern smartphones during dinners with the family does not allow it. She just wants to nothing had not distracted while enjoying time with her husband and her children — eight-year-old son Benjamin and five-year-old daughter Vivian. “No phones, and other electronics. Let’s appreciate the moment. This is the most important to me. I grew up in a family of eight people. The time when we sat next to each other was the best. All I wanted to speak, but dad said, “Raise your hands” — remember Giselle.

Жизель Бундхен в апрельском номере журнала WSJ
The model tries to separate career from family life. It turned out that even her husband in everyday life is much closer to fashion than she is. “I never advised him to wear anything. The contents of our cabinets can cause laughter. I must say that my husband loves fashion more than I do… He changed his haircut in the course of the year more times than I have in my entire life,” said the supermodel.

To deal with family and career models are not so easy. This helps her meditation, which she practices even in traffic jams. “The back seat of a taxi seems an unusual place for meditation, but if you are spend hours in traffic jams, you can find the time to focus on yourself,” said Giselle.

We will remind that earlier in interview to Jimmy Fallon, Bundchen said that her meditation has helped sports team of her husband Tom Brady “Patriots” win the super bowl. Exactly how acted Giselle to win, she said.