He died a member of the popular Korean group, 100% Min Woo

Скончался участник популярной корейской группы 100% Со Мин Ву

Sunday, March 25, died 33 years the leader of popular South Korean group 100% With Min Woo. The singer was found dead in his home in Seoul. The official cause of death yet, but most likely the doctors called heart failure.

Скончался участник популярной корейской группы 100% Со Мин Ву

Noisy funeral is not planned, although the Korean group are very popular both at home artists, and beyond its borders. “His family members, as well as all the artists shocked and grieving after this unexpected and sad news. The funeral will be held With Min Woo in a quiet environment in a family circle,” — said the representatives of the singer

Fans are deeply touched by this news. After the incident, the social networks were filled with messages from fans From Mina that honored his memory. “Min Woo — my mentor for life. He gave up everything for the group. Words are not enough to say how great he is, a wonderful, caring and talented. With Min Woo — my king. Love you,” writes one of the fans on the social network Twitter.

Скончался участник популярной корейской группы 100% Со Мин Ву
South Korean male band “100%” was formed in 2012, composed of seven members — Seo Min-woo, Kim Rock, Hai’an, Kim Jong-Yeon, Jo Jong-hwan, Jang Hyuk-jin, Woo Chang-bum, Lee Sang-hun. The debut of the talented guys made in September 2012 under the guidance of TOP Media. They released their first single album We, 100%, thus declaring yourself to the world. In 2014, the leader of a group With Min Woo left the band to go on compulsory military service. In addition to his musical activities, kid developed acting skills.

Such early death from cardiac arrest has surprised everyone, although some do not deny the pressure from the producers. Star K-pop are tightly controlled by the Trustees. To start a career in the Korean music industry is quite difficult, because artists have to sit on a hard diet, to abandon a romantic relationship (so the fan was not jealous) and give up mobile. Because of these hard conditions, some artists get depressed.

The result of such control was the demise of another Korean artist. In December, the media reported the death of the soloist of k-pop group SHINee Kim Jon Hyun. The musician was only 27 years old. Medics arrived at the rented apartment of the actor after the call sister Johana to the rescue. He was urgently hospitalized, but to save a group member failed. The sister of musician also reported that he could commit suicide. Confirmation of the sisters was a note, which he left before his death. “Please let me go. Tell me what I did good. These are my last words,” the message reads.