Памела Андерсон сходила в ресторан вместе с сыном после его драки с отцом

50-year-old Pamela Anderson went to a restaurant in West Hollywood along with 21-year-old son Brandon Lee. Brandon came to the meeting with my mother in a bright red silk shirt and black trousers, and Pamela chose a monochromatic image, wearing a black dress with shoulder straps, gloves and shoes.

Памела Андерсон сходила в ресторан вместе с сыном после его драки с отцом

Leaving the restaurant, Brandon held out his hand to her mother, who descended the steps. The last time mother and son support each other in everything. And after the scandal with her father, Pamela defended his son. Recently a fight with Tommy Lee and Brandon became headline news in the media. Users of social networks, where Lee had posted confirmation of the incident and your comments have discussed the causes of the incident and ways to reconcile the family. 50-year-old Pamela Anderson decided to end the silence and shared his thoughts about the conflict.

The actress has published on its website an open letter in which told about the problems in the relationship with the ex-spouse that could cause such behavior. Anderson believes that her 21-year-old son Brandon Lee was just trying to help my father.

“My son was afraid for his life and acted out of self-defence. Nobody can even imagine how frustrating this man (Tommy Lee – approx.ed.) brought to our family. He’s sick. His actions are a desperate and humiliating – it’s a disaster, you want to appear out of control. He’s not acting like a father, but this is nothing new… Alcoholism is a devil,” wrote the actress.

On the foreign pages of the portal TMZ has the answer Tommy Lee his ex-wife, in which he denied addiction to alcohol. “Did I ever hurt her sons in a state of alcoholic intoxication? No. My fiancee almost never drinks. We don’t use hard drugs. I’m happy and funny guy. Always joking, and people don’t get my jokes. I wanted to get the son an apology,” said the drummer of the rock group Mötley Crüe.

Tommy said that Brandon made him angry comments in the press about past relationships with Pamela Anderson. Police are investigating the incident, but charges not brought against anyone yet.