Gisele Bundchen about panic attacks, insecurity and breast augmentation surgery

Жизель Бундхен о панических атаках, неуверенности и пластике груди

Gisele Bundchen is not only the most recognizable supermodel, mother and follower of a healthy lifestyle. Based on my experience, Giselle has written a book “Lessons: my journey to a meaningful life”. In it she tells how to know yourself, to deal with life’s difficulties, and much more. Yet, the Internet is an interview for People dedicated to the publication of the book.

Жизель Бундхен о панических атаках, неуверенности и пластике груди

With 14 years Giselle began to be photographed for gloss and to represent the brands. The famous lingerie brand Victorias Secrets offered Giselle a contract for $ 25 million, which was a record and made it much more popular. Reinforced the glory of model of the novel with Leonardo Di Caprio. But not everything is as rosy as it might seem at photos of beautiful models and stories about the ideal of life. During one of the flights in 2013 was the shaking of the plane. Then Giselle had experienced a panic attack that still haunts her. “I always considered myself a positive person, so I try not to pay attention to these problems. I felt that I’m not allowed to feel bad. But still I felt helpless. The world around you is shrinking more and more, you’re choking… It was the worst thing I have ever experienced,” says in an interview with Bundchen.

Panic attacks began to pursue model homes, what makes her horrible thoughts. “I really thought if I just jump down from the balcony, it’ll end and I’ll never have to experience that terrible feeling of space, which shrinks around you.”

Giselle turned to the doctor, and he prescribed her antidepressants. To be dependent on something the model didn’t want. “What if I lose this pill? Then what do I do? Die? The only thing I knew for sure: I needed help.”

Жизель Бундхен о панических атаках, неуверенности и пластике груди
Then the model understand — you need to change everything. She got rid of everything that hurt her. Including from DiCaprio. “I threw it all in one day. Just decided: if something causes me suffering, it must leave my life”.

Leo and Gisele broke up in 2005. And in 2009, Gisele married the quarterback of the football team New England Patriots. In the same year she first became a mother — the couple had a son Benjamin, three years later, Vivian’s daughter. Childbirth and fatigue impact on health and illness returned. “When I became a mother, I kind of lost myself. It was like that part of me died.”

Now, Bundchen realizes that on her shoulders a great responsibility. “I was an independent person. But now, when I was a small creature, I felt that I already can’t do some of those things done. I always wanted to be a mom, but when it was, experienced a real shock.”

Giselle said that for the sake of family she had to move from new York to Boston, where he played Brady to be closer to kids and family. However, wine is still pursued model. “Giselle said that for the sake of family she had to move from new York to Boston, where he played Brady to be closer to children and family.”

Here and haters “drove”. After childbirth, Bundchen had to rebuild their figure that is not done in one day. “I felt very vulnerable. I could work, was completely in shape, but could not change the fact that both of my children enjoyed the left breast bigger than right.”

Then Giselle decided on a boob job, but immediately regretted. Model no longer recognize your body, because the Breasts become unnatural look. “When I woke up, I thought, what have I done? I felt that live in a body that does not know. In the first year, I even wore baggy clothes because I was uncomfortable. I am very worried”.

Well, who but a loved one will help to cope with complexes and insecurities? “He just said, “I love you, no matter what”. And yet — I was very beautiful. It was a major lesson in my life: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” — says the model in an interview.