Egor Krid admitted, in what position wants sex

Егор Крид признался, в какой позе хочет секса
24-year-old singer Yegor Krid after the show “the Bachelor” never found a wife.

Егор Крид признался, в какой позе хочет секса

“So who meets and has sex creed?”

wonder groupies.

Egor responds with tales about how his heart is free. Although many say that this stud just can’t be girls.

A few hours Egor posted a blog post surrounded by lying around girls, despite the fact that this is a still from video “the color of the black mood”, creed signed picture with a quote from another song:

“I’m tired, I want love, so much so that upstairs… But… no.”

In the end did not become clear – Egor or just tired from the amount of sex and girls, or just decided it was better to send in a different direction than classes carnal pleasures.