Леди Гага притворялась своим менеджером

Almost every artist starts from scratch, achieving success on their own. And famous singer Lady Gaga initially, nobody helped, although now for her success stands a team of managers and stylists. The singer visited the Ellen DeGeneres, where he confessed about the tricks and tricks that he used in his early career.

Леди Гага притворялась своим менеджером

Most recently, Bradley Cooper presented her debut in the Director’s career — the film “a Star is born”. The main roles it performs very Cooper and Gaga. In the film, the actress appeared in the role of uncertain and unknown singer that she was. That’s why on the show I was talking about early in his career. “Starting his career at the age of 19, I decided that I would be a singer because it is unlikely to get a job as an actress. I walked the streets of new York, hauling a piano and knocked at all the doors of the producers and organizers of concerts,” says Gaga.

Independently knocking on doors, Gaga soon realized that so business will not go. She needs a personal assistant that will do the important work while she’s writing songs and performing. As thought the artist, the best Manager will be…she is! “I just rang: “Hello, is the Manager of Lady Gaga. She is now at the peak of popularity, and we would like to book a performance for her at 10 PM”. And to me no one suspected the deception, I deliberately spoke with an English accent. I was pretending to be his Manager, to get the best concert of those, what I could be.”

By the way, if Gaga when you work with Cooper appeared as an actress, although is a singer, Bradley himself revealed his mysterious talent. It turns out that the actor still sounds great, though, for the soul. “Before I knew it, we were sitting in the kitchen eating and talking about life. It turned out at the piano and started to sing Midnight Special group Credence Clearwater Revival. And then I heard his voice. “Oh my God, Bradley, can you sing? “— I was surprised. You know, he sings from the heart. And, by the way, all the songs for a movie he wrote himself.”

We will remind that in Monday night at the Los Angeles premiere of the film. The actress and singer has appeared in a magnificent silver dress with a long train by Givenchy Haute Couture. After the event, she gave reporters a minute People, to talk a little bit about yourself.

Lady Gaga told about that in high school she was bullied. It’s not a novelty for fans of Stephanie (the real name of the singer), but it is difficulties in school helped her better understand his character. “Well, the difference between me and Ellie is that I did my best to become a singer and composer, was ready to act. I pulled her keyboard in new York and knocked on doors. I really believed in myself. Ellie is not so. She just doesn’t believe in himself. She literally exhausted the music industry”, — said the artist.