Девушек не устраивает излишняя экономность Алексея Чадова
Today, September 2, birthday of a famous actor Alexey Chadov, he was 36 years old.

Девушек не устраивает излишняя экономность Алексея Чадова

Man has reached heights in the professional sphere, but, unfortunately, was unable to maintain his marriage with Agnia Ditkovskite. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided on the life code of an actor to predict his future.

“It’s not so easy to contact with the opposite sex, overly cautious, and before you admit to yourself someone will be a long time to study man. So to marry him to himself will not be so easy… Well, not to say that many would like to be his wife: Chadov of those who like to save and girls this feature it is very annoying. But for himself, by the way, Alex is spending, not looking…” – said the numerologist.

It is worth noting that Alexei and Agnes is growing up 3-year-old son Fedor, and the actor tries to give the heir more free time.

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