Anna Netrebko commented on the poor state of health

Анна Нетребко сообщила о плохом самочувствии
Fans of the popular Opera singer Anna Netrebko worried about the star, she announced that her concert September 4 is canceled.

Анна Нетребко сообщила о плохом самочувствии

The singer had to please their fan art in Vienna, but because of poor health will not be able to go on stage.

“Dear friends, I’m sorry, but I caught a cold, and she had to cancel my first gig in Vienna at the Troubadour September 4th. I hate cancellations of performances and do not like to disappoint their fans, but now I need to take care of themselves. I can’t wait when I’ll sing for you,” said Netrebko in Instagram.

Anna admitted that she got a cold and need a few days to recover my voice.

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