Mentor of “the Voice” Pelageya: “this season will be calmer. I’m a mother!”

Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!» The singer became one of the guests of the updated program “Tonight.” The singer said that fans at this time do not expect from her turbulent emotions. Pelagia gave to understand that marriage and the birth of her daughter her very changed.
Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»

September 2 in the First channel went out “Tonight” with a new leading – Maxim Galkin and Julia Menshovoj. Issue devoted to the beginning of the sixth season of “the Voice”, which started on 1 September.

In the Studio, gathered the coaches show “the Voice” from different seasons and participants of the project. The program began with a demonstration of archival footage of a blind man listening to the program “the Voice”, which was attended by Maxim Galkin. It was draw for the jury project. Well, then the audience was transported to the Studio “Let them talk”, where Maxim Galkin welcomed the audience.

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Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»“News program “Tonight” now I am, – said Maxim Galkin. – Why, you all probably know. An ancient legend says: once in five years to channel the dragon arrives and takes the most beautiful leading. Of course, after a while he returned. But that’s another story, and today we are starting our. Gathered here are unique people. We are celebrating the beginning of the sixth season of “the Voice” and today, here will gather all jury members, who were pleased with the workmanship of fans”.

Then Tina introduced the main characters of the program and its co-host Yulia Menshova. Young woman Studio met with thunderous applause.

“Honestly, I was not warned that I will co-host”, – said Menchov.
Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»

“Yeah, you used to be “Alone with all”, – said Maxim Galkin. “And you used to be “the best,” retorted Julia.

Alexander Gradsky said that he was the first invited member of the jury of “the Voice”, and then he consulted about the selection of the main mentors.

Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»

“The most difficult was to find people to each other so that the mechanism worked like a Swiss watch,” said chief producer of music and entertainment programs of the First channel Yuri Aksyuta.

We were talking on the program and on the health status of mentors of “the Voice”. In particular, I remember the alarming reports that appeared in the media in connection with the deteriorating health of Dima Bilan. “Yes, there were hernia. Had to go to the doctors,” said the singer. Due to health problems Dima Bilan in total for the whole season of the project. Now he sat back in the chair mentor.

Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»

By the way, the jury of “the Voice”, which includes Dima Bilan, Alexander Gradsky, Pelageya, Leonid Agutin, called “gold”. Yuri Aksyuta explained why.

“Alexander Borisovich – pillar, it is authoritative, oppressive, Leonid Agutin – more intelligent, trying to insert their word, Dima Bilan always patiently waiting for him to give a comment, accumulating their emotions. And of course, Pelagia. To find the girl in this oasis was the most difficult. But note that each bright, unique, with its own character, with his philosophy,” said Yuri Aksyuta.
Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»

The producer also said that just prior to the start of the project there were some doubts that the talent will dry up quickly. But experience has shown that they were unfounded. Each year, the show “the Voice” receives over ten thousand applications from those wishing to participate in the casting. This season, revealed one of the secrets of the project Yuri Aksyuta, there will be many foreigners.

Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»

The daughter of one of the mentors of “the Voice” Leonid Agutin Lisa followed in the footsteps of their parents. At the girl group in America, and it sings beautifully. “If Lisa will come on the blind audition, you will turn” – said Yulia Menshova of Leonid Agutin. He replied that, of course, recognize the voice of her daughter, not unfolded to her his seat. Because it believes that it should not be a mentor to the successor.

Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»

In the Studio, “Tonight” has appeared the daughter of the other mentor of the project, Grigory Leps, Inga Lepsveridze. Remember how the loyal fans of the project, the girl took part in the blind auditions, but none of the jury members, including the father of Inga, not turned to her.

“I knocked on the participation in the show Alexander Panayotov. He applied and said to me: come, come, – mentioned Inga. – I started shaking. Was afraid of that. But honesty is more important to me than praise. I never go on “the Voice,” I turned gray during this time, on half-heads”.

“And explain to me why you turn or not turn,” – said Yulia Menshova of mentors. “I am the chief spy, if she likes – we must take,” he joked Leonid Agutin.

In the final of the first part of the program came to the Studio the great mentor show “the Voice” singer Pelageya, whose incredible emotions in the project it is impossible to forget.

Наставница «Голоса» Пелагея: «В этом сезоне буду спокойней. Я же мать!»“This year I’ll be quieter – promised Pelagia. – In the first place. I’m a mother! I have changed the status. In any case, to entice bearded men to his team will not. I became slower, more thoroughly. I have a thorough daughter, and I’m trying to match them. It is unclear how I could be such a child. And with Dima Bilan I will behave differently because people perceive it’s not right.”